Clubs & Teams

There's something for just about everyone among Carlos Gilbert's extra-curricular offerings.  There's the Young Astronauts for those interested in science and space, there's Basketball, Archery, and Swim teams for those interested in athletics, there's the Chess Club for those who want to tackle competitive strategic thinking, and Newspaper Club for those wanting to spread the word on things going on at our school and in the world around us.

Parents are always welcome to participate in these activities or to form a club of their own if the student interest is there.  Without parents, who do most of the coaching and instruction, most of these activities wouldn't be possible!

Check back here for information about school clubs as the year gets underway each year.  Clubs and Teams do not usually meet when school is closed.  Go Blackhawks!!

Blackhawks Teams and Clubs

Green Team (Year Round)
Boys Basketball (Nov - March)
Cheer Team (Spring)
Chess (Year Round)
Swim Team (Spring)
Archery (Year Round)