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Room Representatives

Room Representatives are the bread and butter of the PTK.  It is the room parents that act as liaisons between the PTK and the 


Room Parents should always be "in the know" on the activities going on at Carlos Gilbert Elementary (CGE). 
  1. You should know our calendar.  We try to keep our calendar up to date with the latest information!
  2. Familiarize yourself with the Parent Handbook (and make suggestions if something is missing!).
  3. Does your class have a website?  If not, you can volunteer to build one (and you don't need any experience!).  The website may have your classroom's events, homework and schedules.
classroom parents to help to organize parents for events, create classroom websites or Google Groups, and spread the word about activities. Our Room Reps play a vital role in the Halloween Carnival, such as organizing Theme Baskets and volunteers to run the Classroom Games. In addition, Room Reps can help teachers organize class parties and facilitate communication with parents, as well as organize class gifts for the teachers and help to build a community in the classroom.  

Carlos Gilbert is a fantastic school and one big reason is BECAUSE OF OUR FANTASTIC PARENTS!

If you are interested in being a Room Rep, just email Frances Carreon at  A classroom can have as many room parents as want to be involved, but each classroom typically has two to three Room Reps.

Carlos Gilbert Elementary - Where a Great School is a Community Project!