The purpose of the PTK is to support, encourage, and enrich the educational, creative, and social experience of Carlos Gilbert Elementary School (CGE). We are involved parents interested in giving the best to our children by being an integral part of their school.

Our annual fundraising goal of $40,000-$45,000 helped to fund the following programs and activities for 2018-2019:

  1. Grade Level Programs for each grade.
    • Kinder - Yoga
    • 1st Grade - Jazz Dance
    • 2nd Grade - Theater with Wendy Chapin
    • 3d Grade - Trout raising
    • 4th Grade - NDI-NM Outreach Program
    • 5th Grade - Wise Fool Circus Program 
    • 6th Grade - Cooking with Kids at the Santa Fe School of Cooking
  2. Teacher Stipends 
    • We pay every teacher a stipend of $300 for per semester for classroom materials to help fund their classroom environment. 
  3. Club & Team Stipends
    • We pay every club and team a yearly stipend of $150.  
  4. Tutoring Program
    • We paid interested teachers an hourly wage to tutor children during lunch and after school. The teachers determined the children who had the greatest need and were available for extra help. 
  5. Education Field Trips and Activities
    1. We pay for all kinds field trips and activities to help enrich the learning environment and curriculums for every grade. 
The funding for the 2019-2020 school year will differ depending on the grade level programs chosen by the teachers this year but will stay much the same in terms of our dedication to provide quality and enriching programs and activities for all the students of CGE, K-6. 

We are very involved with our teachers, classrooms, Student Council, school events & activities, sports teams, school clubs, and cultural events (arts, music, band) throughout the school year. We work closely with Principal Pietrocci and the staff. The PTK is dedicated to the education of our children and work to keep academics our top priority. We help keep our Blackhawk spirits soaring high!

The 2019-2020
PTK Board


Sara April


Michaelann Perea

Kathy Primm

Lynette Guervara



Brintha Nathan

Allison Walcott


 Sarah LeBlanc