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April 12, 2016 Meeting Minutes

posted Apr 20, 2016, 10:55 AM by Jessie Lawrence
In attendance: Julie W., Bev K., Jessie L., Bobi D., Brintha N, Cindy F., Julie M., Frances C., Barbara S., Kim P., Joaquin B.

Joaquin spoke for the Student Council on a possible Movie Night Fundraiser.  They are not sure on the date but possibly looking at May 6th. It will still have the luau theme.

Frances spoke on Teacher Appreciation Week- She is working with room reps to have them coordinate gifts for their teacher on May 6th.  There will be a potluck as well to thank our teachers for a great job done well on May 6th at 12:45 pm.  She will have it put in eblast.  

Funding Requests:
  • Kim requested a bonus for Bernadette that matches the teacher stipends.  This would be a bonus thank you for all the work she has done to help PTK. Barbara motioned a $250 bonus, Frances 2nd it and was approved by all.
  • Bev also mentioned that we could look into maybe upping the teacher stipends to $300 per semester. We will bring it up in the new school year.
  • Bev also brought up that we should collect receipts for the club stipends we give out.  This will happen next year.
  • Kindergarten requested $150 to buy a patio box to hold and safeguard their new sand toys.  Bev made a motion to approve with Cindy 2nding it and it was approved by all.

PTK Board Nominations were made as elections will be held in the May meeting.  Cindy was nominated for PTK president, Julie was nominated for vice-president, Barbara was nominated as co vice-president, Jessie was nominated for secretary.

Bev presented the treasury report for March.  We have a surplus because of grants and donations that were received this year.  Next year the grants would need to switch as none of these grants were reoccurring. 
Kim gave the Principal’s Address- PAARC is going well.  There will be a trip to Fort Marcy after the testing is done.  The tests were kicked off with a pep rally and kids do seem excited.

She is working on the year end going away party.  There are 2 retirements and 3 staff members leaving.  She is working on hiring the best staff.

The PTK spoke about moving to a meeting on the 2nd Wednesdays of the month.  No objections were given so we will try a test day next year.

Meeting brought to a close.