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August 16, 2016 PTK Meeting Minutes

posted Sep 1, 2016, 8:54 AM by Jessie Lawrence   [ updated Sep 1, 2016, 8:55 AM ]
Attending: Cindy, Julie, Bev, Sarah, Jessie, Michaelann

1) Welcome
PTK Board 2016-2017:
President: Cindy Forno
Vice-Pres: Julie Walker 
Bev Kellam 
Treasurer: Michaelann Cavazos 
Secretary: Jessie Lawrence 

2) Principal’s address: Kim Pietrocci

3) PTK Budget: Bev Kellam
Bev will provide a budget to be voted on at one of the upcoming PTK meetings.

4) Teacher’s Luncheon
Catered by Olive Garden (Total $411.02)

5) Kinder Coffee: Friday, August 19 7:30-9:00
T-Shirts: Order cost $1220
PTK Volunteer Recruitment, including e-blast and room rep recruitment
Board members discussed recruitment on Back to School Night.
Parents of incoming first-graders are being encouraged to volunteer for Kinder Coffee.

6) Indian Market Parking Fundraiser: Saturday 8/20 8:00-1:30 and Sunday 8/21 9:00-2:00
Volunteers are being recruited now.

7) Grade-Level Programs for 2016-2017:
Current proposed grade-level programs:
o Kindergarten: Yoga: $30 for each 30-minute class ($1500 in 2015-16)
o 1st grade: Teachers have expressed interest in tae kwon do
o 2nd grade: Theater with Wendy Chapin: 40 hours at $60/hour = $2400
o 3rd grade: Bilingual opera? ($1000 in 2015-16)
o 4th grade: NDI ($6400 in 2015-16)
o 5th grade: Wise Fool ($3250 in 2015-16)
o 6th grade: Cooking with Kids?  ($900 + $1050 in 2015-16)
Board members discussed how to use the Helmet of Hope grant on grade-level programs by the December 2016.  Grade-level expenses and teacher stipends should come close to the grant funding.
Board members discussed the need for technology assistance.  Michaelann will contact IT Connections about tech resources.

8) PTK Meeting Schedule for 2016-17:
Meetings will be on the last Wednesday of the month at 8:00 AM in the teacher’s lounge.  There will be no meeting in December.

9) Coming up:
Back to School Night: ??
Zozobra Parking: Friday, 9/2
Pet Parade: Saturday, 9/10 9:00 AM
Next PTK Meeting: Wednesday, August 31, 8:00 AM

Jessie Lawrence,
Sep 1, 2016, 8:54 AM