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posted Nov 21, 2012, 7:42 AM by Darcy Pedersen
Present:  Amy Tischler, Shannon Bulman, Trisha McFaul, Julie Murray, Barbara Serna, Darcy Pedersen, Jessica Apodaca, Shelly Moeller, Sara MacNeill, Adeliz Tutt, Jessica Otero, Jen Rodriguez, Katie MacCauley, Mary Greening, Myriam Salazar

1.  Welcome and Intros.

2.   Tilman Conway, Pres of Student Council, makes presentation regarding clothing drive over the holidays.  Anna L. is already collecting, and Student Council would like to expand to winter coats.  Food Drive for Adelante is underway.

3.   Principal’s address:  Thanks for a successful Halloween Carnival.  A lot of changes happening from top down in District.  New Superintendent implementing accountability systems, separate grading system from State system.  Student achievement, parent involvement, student and teacher attendance all are in a pie chart.  CGE fell in top middle of rankings of all schools in the district.  Groupings are innovation, acceleration, and transformation.  Schools are given funds based on groupings.  We were given $25K to improve.  Principal needed to apply her funds quickly.  The school has needs with lowest performing students and with math across the board.  Will now have math/data coach one day per week.  Was bt 12-15K of funds.  Going back to SRA- reading recovery program.  Will be done in small groups during RTI time.  Mrs. Blanchard has a lot of experience with it.  Will cost $8K for all grades.

4.   Halloween Carnival Wrap Up:  Very successful financially- $28K net.  Last year the carnival raised $22,565.  Important to keep expenses down.  Expenses covered by sponsorships.  Cash raffle up $3700.  Helped not to have Innisbrook and expanded time for selling.  Baskets were about the same net income compared to last year.  Total sales down a touch, but no Ipad and no expenses. 

Major problem staffing the games.  Discussion regarding returning to system where teachers take responsibilityfor staffing games and being present during the carnival afternoon. 

5.  Conversation regarding Thanksgiving Lunch and need for volunteers to help Shorty.  Lunch served 10:30 - 12:30.  Shorty needs 7 volunteers.

6.  Silpada fundraiser on November 27th at SF Bar and Grill in evening.  Thanks to Beth LeBron. 

7.    Winter Concerts.  12/12/12 for 3-6th grade.  12/19 is K-2.  No WinterFest this year.  Need to work on Giving Tree.  Shannon will request opportunity to speak at Staff Meeting regarding Giving Tree.,

8.   Funding request.  Bev K. obtained a donation of QuickBooks program.  Request of $400 for new PTK lap top.  Current laptop was purchased 7 years ago and isn’t fully functional.  Moved, seconded and approved.

9.   Received check from Whole Foods for Outdoor Classroom from bag program.

10.   Volunteer Program.  Plenty of need for Volunteers.  Presbyterian Church has historically been a great source of volunteers through their education outreach ctee.  Participation is a bit down from the Pres church. 

Some classes still need room reps.  Possibility of discussion group to share room rep ideas.

11.  Most recent order of Tshirts has sold out.  Jessica planning to sell after school on Fridays.

12.  Fundraising.  Total net income of about $33,700.  Need one more big fundraiser netting @ $8K.  Don’t want to do multiple small fundraisers.  Discussion of cookie dough and donation drive as last hurrah for fundraising.

Meeting adjourned 9:30 am.