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posted Mar 8, 2013, 1:59 PM by Darcy Pedersen

Present:  Bev Kellam, Shannon Bulman, Amy Tischler, Marisa Snyder, Lara Miller, Julie Murray.


  1. Principal's address: Gearing up for testing.  Purchased SRI corrective reading and mastery reading programs with grant from school.  Janelle Maestas is very helpful as math data coach one day per week.   Good feedback on First in Math program.
    1. Discussion of purchase of two tables and white board procurement for Outdoor Classroom.
    2. Janelle is preparing a public data wall regarding class growth in reading and math. 
  2. Student Council Address:  Not in attendance.
  3. Upcoming Events:  Spectrum of Request
    1. Incentive Ideas- Review of costs for colored bracelets as prizes for kids trying hard on testing.  Estimating $250 for 8 days of colored  bracelets to represent spectrum of colors.  Amy will check with  teachers at staff meeting to get feedback on bracelet idea
    2. Testing Wrap up dance-  Not sure whether PTK will be requested to pay costs. 
  4. Second semester fundraiser:  Takes 6 weeks for Best Buy to process request for IPad or laptop as back up prizes.  Request has been submitted. 
  5. Finance Ctee- Funding Requests:
    1. Erin Cherry's tutoring request:  moved and approved to pay @$560 for Mrs. Cherry’s afterschool tutoring.
    2.  Evelyn Quintana request for $48.87 cooking supplies approved.
    3. Third grade Outdoor Classroom Mural:  Marisa advises that the District is coming down with a ban on outdoor murals.  Proposals for anything that is affixed to the building will likely be turned down by District. Need to brainstorm other ideas, such as labyrinth, decorated stepping stones in outdoor classroom.
    4. Student Council Food Drive Prizes:  Proposed ice cream sundae parties to award classes who collected the most food for the food drive.  Up to $50 approved, with caveat that in the future the council itself approach the PTK rather than parent.
    5. Request by Ms. Byrnes for mileage for training in Albuquerque.  Ms. P. advises that the district has forms to request reimbursed.  Approved conditioned upon first requesting reimbursement from the School District and being denied.
  6. Review of Profit & Loss Statement: Concern about possibility that cheerleaders are in the red by @400+ from fundraising.    Discussion of discouraging pass-throughs for teams etc. because of unnecessary additional bookkeeping and problems with overages and underfunding. Bev K. will research simplifying pass-through processes. 

 Meeting adjourned.