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posted Mar 8, 2013, 2:19 PM by Darcy Pedersen




Present:  Bev Kellam, Shannon Bulman, Amy Tischler, Lara Miller, Linda Strauss, Margaret Barela, Julie Murray, Tricia McFaul, Jessica Jiron, Kim Petrocci, and Marcella Miera (for portion).

  1. Principal's address: 
    1. Budget parameter for next school year. Only have overview at this time. Main difference is that budget can be created on site but doesn't have flexibility in all areas.  Process = 
      1. Host community meeting to discuss budget and explanation of locked and unlocked funds. Example of locked funds core programming, special education, transportation, etc. Example of unlocked funds are afterschool programming, scheduling, summer programs, paying for extended days, Saturday programs, etc.  
      2. Principal makes sure that budget is balanced 
      3. Signatures needed from principal, teacher, and community member (PTK rep) 
      4. Take signed version to District. Need to set date and time for community meeting. Expectation is PTK will contribute same amount from Sarah position. Wednesday, March 13th 5:30 to 6:30. Refreshments from Albertson. Meeting in library. School/ Community Budget Forum
    2. Retirements: John Delameter and Anne McGovern have announced their retirement at end of school year.
    3. Need pictures for yearbook. E-blast will go out with a date that pictures are needed. Marcela needs flash drive or disk. Need by end of next week. Classroom pictures are needed. Julie suggested that room rep help get pictures for each classroom. Amy will ask Barbara to send email to reps.  6th grade need baby pictures - need by beginning of next week. Bev will organize...will be assignment from teachers. Funding request of $30.00 for flash drives.
    4. Smart boards are being installed all of the classrooms next month.
  2. Student Council Address:  Funding Request - $100.00 for St. Patrick's Day fundraiser. The profit will be used for 6th grade trip or something else. Lost money with pencil fundraiser. Expect to make $200.00 from this. Request approved. Potential fundraisers as a pledge drive (eg money for every shot). Haven't decided when this fundraiser would happen.
  3. Upcoming Events
    1. Indoor Yard Sale - Margaret and Linda are organizing. Drop-off will be Wednesday and Friday. Bake sale for 6th grade will be a part of garage sale. Linda is helping organize this. Need parents to help run and get donations.   
  4.  Finance Ctee/Funding Requests
    1. 2nd grade yoga $375 for 5 classes, whole grade request. Vote approved.
    2. E. Quintana reimbursement for $30.00 for cooking for kids. Vote approved
    3. A. Johnson reimbursement for tutoring 14hours for a total of $322.00. ($23.00/hr). Discussion of advisability of paying retroactively. To get funding need to fill out form. PTK will develop a formal process for getting approval. Vote approved for 14 hours and going forward with a maximum payment of $1500.00. PTK will work on process with teachers for next year. Finance cmt will present process for approval to board
    4. Special Education book funding request from School OT. Will be funded by Kim. We will add line on funding requests that indicates teachers have checked with Kim before coming to PTK
  5.  Other Items:
    1. Need Swim team coach. Bev will ask if Steve can coach. She will try to attend meeting today with city-wide swim coaches.
    2. Wrestling will start next week. Permission slips will go out.    
    3. Girls on the Run will be for 3rd and 4th grade girls only this spring.
    4.   Second Semester Fundraiser: 
      1. Amy T. will coordinate raffle.  Need assembly to get kids excited/motivated.  Assembly will be Monday 4/1/13 at 2:30 pm.  Will distribute tix before Spring Break.  "Bat race" incentive for classes. Cash incentive to teachers whose classrooms sell the most.  Alternate cash prize for grandprize. 
  6. Spectrum of Success: 
    1. Move to approve purchase of wristbands for children who do their best.  $225 for wristbands.  $50 to purchase stickers.  Moved, seconded, unanimously approved.
    2. Coffee cart will be organized by Julie Murray on test days.  Must finish by 8:30 am.  Tuesdays and Thursdays each day.  Will eblast next week.  Might have cart for teachers in cafeteria when students pickup their free breakfast.
    3. Pot luck lunch for teachers on Friday, March 22nd after release.
    4. Post testing dance for 3-6 grades.  Friday before Spring Break.  PTK will provide snacks.
  7. Discussion of music for 6th grade dance.  Possibility of hiring a DJ
  8. Spring music performances will be the second week of May.
  9. Ms. Cristy will come to PTK with new plans for Field Day.
  10. NDI week is April 29th thru May 3rd.  School will go on May 2nd.  PTK will provide snacks.
  11. College Day/Career Day:  Week of April 22nd.  Food for presenters.  Will follow strands.
  12. Talent Show:  Tentative May 16th.
  13. Adjourn at 9:50 am.