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CGPTK Meeting Minutes 9/3/2013

posted Sep 9, 2013, 8:10 AM by Carlos Gilbert PTK



Welcome & Introduction

Amy Tischler, PTK Pres. called meeting to order.  Attendees introduced themselves.

PTK Mission Statement

Discussion of change in PTK mission. Instead of paying salary for the PE teacher or other staff, the PTK is implementing grade based programs for enrichment. Expect these programs to cost about $22,000-$23,000 per year. Estimated cost per grade is $2,000-$2,500 for 2 classes and $2,500-$3,000 for 3 classes. 

Discussion of other expenses (based on 2012-2013 PTK Profit and Loss statement): $11,000-$12,000 for teacher stipends; school events $2,000 -$2,500; Clubs and Teams $1,000; Field Trips $1000.

Primary fundraiser is the Halloween Carnival.  First planning meeting next Tuesday at 8 am.  Carnival will be on Saturday, October 26th.  The PTK hopes to have only one other major fundraiser in the Spring. 

Funding Requests

Tutoring.  Ashley Kendall (6th grade teacher) attended to present a request for funding after school tutoring she would like to continue for her students this year. Last year the tutoring was 2x week for 5 students afterschool.  She believes that smaller groups will be significantly more successful.  Wants to tutor 2 kids at a time 4 x per week for 1 hour session.  District rate paid for 4 hours per week through SBAs (@$23/hour) =  $92 per wk.x 20 weeks= $2000.Vote taken and approved to pay up to $2000 to Ms. Kendall for afterschool tutoring.  Discussion and agreement that Amy will present at staff meeting to advise other teachers that we would welcome proposals for similar tutoring plans.  Discussion regarding history of effort for school-wide tutoring program, and that smaller efforts seem to be more successful.

Grade Level Programming request.  Second grade is proposing an improvisation class.  There would be 20 lessons each for three classes- 60 sessions total.  Cost of  $25 per instructor per hour.  The instructors are volunteering  additional time for final rehearsals and performance.  Nicholas Sabato from SF Performing Arts, who is a 2nd grade parent, is spearheading the program.  Requesting $3,000 funding. Request was moved and approved.

Amy advised that many ideas for other programs are currently being considered:

Theatre program with Kinders- Nursery Rhymes programs

1st grade: Science program

5th grade: Wise Fool

6th grade: Team Building

These programs will be brought to PTK for approval as they firm up.

Request to fund First in Math Software:  Math practice computer program paid for by SFPS last year, but won't be funded by the district this year.  Kids seemed to really like it.  For all grades.  $2080 for all students at CG.  Moved and approved for funding by PTK.

Geo Bee- Is for 4, 5 & 6th grade.  Moved and approved $100.

Rosetta Stone Club will be coming

Dominic Mandel- school librarian- discussed upcoming request.  Investigated options for computer library research skills.  Working to locate reputable sources.  Expect it to cost $300 - $500. Want it to cover K-6 with focus on 3-6.  Dominic also sponsors student council.  Discussion of supporting library skills.

Principal Report:

Smart Boards and wireless services were installed in all classrooms last year, but not all of the teachers had laptops to fully utilize.  Principal announced that laptops are being delivered.  Ms. P is very happy with improvement in student performance last year.  Ms. P announced that the school has approx 5 spaces available in kinder. 

Committee Reports:

Barbara Serna is room rep coordinator.  Most of the classrooms have at least one room rep.  The room reps will generally serve as liason between classes and PTK, and also help organize carnival gift baskets that are auctioned.

Outdoor classroom presented by Lara Miller.  Garden beds established last year.  Will be harvest activities upcoming.  Ms. Kate and Ms. Cherry are establishing a curriculum.

Volunteer Coordinator:  Bev Kellam coordinates outside volunteers.

Tshirts:  Jessica Jiron.  Sales have been healthy this year.  Sold about $1700, purchased about $865 (70 shirts).  Hoodies are going to be available by special order.

Open Jobs:

Volunteer Coordinator:  Cultivate relationships with outside groups such as the Presbyterian Church.  Transition year with Bev Kellam.

Marquee Changer- keep announcements updated on marquee in the parking lot.

Carnival Committees:

Cash Raffle; Basket Raffle; Games.

Discussion of hand outs for the Pet Parade.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 am.