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December 2, 2015 Meeting Minutes

posted Dec 5, 2015, 12:55 PM by Jessie Lawrence
Present: Barbara S, Julie W, Cindy F, Margaret B, Jessie L, Frances C, Michaelann C, Brintha N, Kim P, Troy, Ashley K, Akansha N, and Anika F.

  • Call to Order
  • 100 Women Who Care- Katie from 100 Women Who Care came to the meeting to present a grant to the PTK to be used for grade level programs.  The amount granted to us was $8,625.00.  Barbara will handle sending out the tax donation receipts. 
  • Student Council came to update us on a playground project they are working on.  They would like to petition to have more trash cans placed around the school yard.  Anika and Akansha will be looking into where they could purchase them as well how many might be needed.
  • Sweatshirts will be ordered, hoodies will only be done on a pre-order basis.  The PTK will not be selling t-shirts or sweatshirts at the winter concerts.
  • Cindy has prepared and will get out a donation letter to all parents that will ask for donations to PTK.
  • Funding Requests: 
    • Holiday Gifts for lunch staff, crossing guards, etc.  Traditionally PTK gives these people at $25 thank you.  It was proposed we give them again $25 each.  We approved a total of $400 to go towards that.  Margaret will give Michaelann a list of names and will work on getting the cards out.
    • GeoBee- Kim presented a request for $100 to go towards the Geo Bee.  The teachers would like to order the materials and start practicing.  They only accept checks so Kim is not able to fund this.  Barbara proposed we approve this, Frances seconded and it passed with no dissections.
  • Cindy and Frances spoke about doing a carnival handbook for each grade level. That way parents are able to figure out what everything entails for the carnival.  Also it was talked about ways to increase teacher participation for carnival as it is really needed.  
  • There will be no Nutcracker table for the Winter Concerts
  • Breakfast with Boyd is next week.  Frances is heading this up and has emailed parents who stated they could help with potlucks to help provide the breakfast items.
  • Food Drive Update: Over 3,000 items were collected.  They were able to provide family meals to 3 families in Carlos Gilbert as well as some of the staff.  The class who had the most items were Liming’s in the lower grades and Kendall and Winterstein tied.
  • Kim didn’t have any items for her Principal’s address.
  • End of Meeting