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March 8, 2016 Meeting Minutes

posted Apr 7, 2016, 1:22 PM by Jessie Lawrence

Present: Joaquin, Josette, Lara M, Cindy F., Jessie L., Barbara S., Cindy F., Frances C., Bev K., Heather VL., Sofia VL., Kim P., Julie W

Student Council Update
  • Josette and Joaquin updated us on Student Council.  After the PARCC they would like to have a Hawaiin themed Luau.   They would like to invite everyone, show Lilo & Stitch, they would prepare food and sell it.  They will update us on April 11th with the date and help needed.
  • Sofia VL spoke about her Heart Sponsorship Project.  A total of $1,375 was raised through this program.  She asked companies to help sponsor the PTK and Student Council.  $600 was raised for PTK for grade level programs, and $775 went towards Student Council for their use.  An eblast will go out showing all who sponsored.  
  • Talk ensued about future funding raising and tax deductible issues were raised.  This is an issue we need to keep an eye out for the future.
Funding Requests
  • Vanessa Bryce presented a fundraising request for $200 for both 3rd classes as well as Mr. Pacheco’s class to attend the Audubon program.  Bev motioned, Lara 2nd and it passed will all agreeing.
  • Club stipends have traditionally been given $100 per club to be used as they felt needed.  Michaelann motioned for it to increase to $150, Bev 2nd and it passed will all approving.
Budget Update
  • Teachers stipends have gone out to the teachers who have submitted their receipts.
  • We will end this year with a cushion to take into next year.

Jessie Lawrence,
Apr 7, 2016, 1:22 PM