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May 3, 2016 Meeting Minutes

posted May 11, 2016, 1:14 PM by Jessie Lawrence   [ updated May 11, 2016, 1:15 PM ]
PTK Meeting 5/3/16

In attendance: Cindy F., Barbara S., Frances C., Michaelann C., Julie W., Jessie L., Lara M., Julie M., Sara A., Bobi D., Kim P., Dominic M., 

Student Council Update: Mr. Dominic gave an update on Movie Night that Student Council is holding on May 13th.  He needs a sound technician.  Lara M. will be lending Student Council her screen for the showing.  He is looking for volunteers for the refreshments.  PTK gave him some pointers on type of foods and cost.

Funding Requests: Kim submitted a receipt for postage reimbursement to Maria S. who runs the box top program.  The total was for $36.68 and it was for the money she spent on postage to submit the box tops.  Barbara S. brought up the motion it was 2nd by Julie and it passed by all at the meeting.

Frances brought up coffee for the Coffee Cart that is being sponsored by PTK during Teacher Appreciation Week.  She asked that we cover coffee and pastries up to $50.00.  It was brought forth by Barbara the 2nd was by Michaelann and it was approved by all.

Kristy had a question about field day costs.  PTK had already put the field day costs but she wanted to know about accessing the $100.00 granted.  Michaelann guided her on this.

Teacher Appreciation Potluck- Frances asked for help setting up and taking down. Sara said she would be there and a request for help will go out in the Eblast.

Kim P- had no updates

Blue Bunny Helmet of Hope progress-Cindy has email blasts going out on this and we are in 6th place.  Barbara volunteered to make fliers and pass them out during Car Line in order to educate more people on this opportunity we have to earn $25,000.00

Nominations for PTK Board were as follows:
Cindy F. for president
Julie W. for Vice-President
Jessie L. for Secretary
They were presented to the PTK and were approved.  Welcome aboard to the new board.

Back to School Potluck- The PTK looked ahead and tried to plan items needed at the beginning of the year.  Barbara volunteered to be in charge of the Back to School luncheon for Teachers.  Kim didn’t have a date but PTK voted to order lunch again from Olive Garden.  Barbara brought the motion forward Michaelann 2nd and it was approved that lunch would be paid for by PTK and ordered from Olive Garden.  Barbara will coordinate the order/pickup.

Next year we will move PTK meetings to the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

Parking Fundraisers were discussed for next year.  Julie M. will be in charge of them and will organize the sign ups for these.  

Jessie Lawrence,
May 11, 2016, 1:14 PM