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November 10, 2015 Meeting Minutes

posted Dec 1, 2015, 5:13 AM by Jessie Lawrence
Present: Kim, Barbara S, Cindy F, Margaret B, Bev K, Frances C, Troy, and Brintha 

Bev started us off with a budget update:
  1. 100 Women who Care Grant- Julie W wrote this grant and Barbara presented this grant to the group 100 Women Who Care.  Our charity was voted to receive the grant out of 3 different charities.  We haven’t gotten word on what the exact amount but it should be approx. $6,000 or close too.
  2. Carnival was a success!  It raised over $31,000 net which is an amount the PTK has never raised with Carnival.
  3. Based on the grant received, carnival money raised and our budget we approved earlier on this year we are ahead in fundraising on only need to raise approx. $815.00.  So a spring fundraiser might be optional.
Thanksgiving Luncheon- Each school is given the option to have a Thanksgiving meal.  Carlos Gilbert will be holding theirs on Nov 12th.  Shorty will be doing the cooking.  PTK has suggested putting out a tip jar in order to facilitate a way for parents to show their thankfulness to our cooking crew also along with thank you cards.  Bev motioned, Barbara 2nd it and all were in favor.

Principal’s Address: Kim was able to get the district to upgrade the PA System in the gym.  Her goal is to get this installed and running before Christmas.

PTK will be selling sweatshirts at the Winter Concerts.

Cindy will talk to Lara about getting the giving tree up and running.

Troy spoke about the Playground committee up and running.  He will be able to lead it since Terry has moved.