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October 6, 2015 Meeting Minutes

posted Nov 9, 2015, 6:05 PM by Jessie Lawrence   [ updated Nov 9, 2015, 6:06 PM ]
In Attendance: Roberto A., Lara M., Brintha N., Roxanna S., Caroline Y., Bev K., Julie M., Margaret B., Cindy F., Barbara S., Frances C., Amy T.

  • Budget Update from Bev- We are $3,000 ahead in our fundraising which takes off some pressure from spring.
  • Grade Level programs also has $3,000 less in expenses than planned for and expected.  All teachers seem excited about the program and are settling in.  They were started early in the year so we will get the most out of the program.
  • Carnival-
    1. Overview: it will be held on the 1st floor, outside and in the basement.
    2. Haunted House will be in the basement and the Santa Fe University of Arts & Design are helping design and construct this year.
    3. Games will be in the classrooms
    4. We are hoping to break $30,000 for the first time.
    5. Cash Raffle- Setting up online, will be doing the Monster Dash again for the classes.
    6. Theme Baskets-Mrs. Padilla got a room rep finally.  The links for the theme baskets will be on sign up genius and will be up quite early
    7. Ticket Sales- will be held online. Flyers are going out.  Lara needs 3 volunteers to help out during the carnival.  We will be doing paypal and Bev will be getting the paypal set up.
    8. Games- Julie assigned the games to each classroom.  The signups will be on Sign Up Genius.  She will also get them to the room reps
    9. Construction Day- On Oct 24th there will be a construction day to fix up games as needed.  
    10. Sponsorships-Cindy has worked on getting sponsorships.  We currently have enough to cover the costs of carnival.  We do have sheets out to get more.  She will share the spreadsheet showing who has been asked.  
    11. CG Café- Wendy will handle this attraction.  Nicole is working on getting SFCC students to help staff this attraction.
  • Grants Update-
    1. Santa Fe Realtors granted us $1,000
    2. 100 Women Who Care is on Nov 4th.  Barbara will be presenting the grant Julie W. wrote.
    3. LANL-Has some grants out there
    4. Rotary Club-has a deadline up for their grant.  We will be applying