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September 28, 2016 PTK Meeting Minutes

posted Oct 12, 2016, 4:23 PM by Jessie Lawrence
Attending: Teresa, Kathy, Sara, Julie, Kristen, Brintha, Cindy, Jessie, Michaelann, Sara

1) Introductions
2) PTK Budget Review: Michaelann Cavazos
  • This item was deferred until the next meeting. 
3) Principal’s address: Kim Pietrocci
  • There will be a meeting about the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) some time in October. 
  • Teachers have not expressed much interest in a tutoring program funded by the PTK. Kim said that she would ask again. 
4) Funding Requests: Cindy Forno
  • Julie Walker made a motion for the PTK to purchase a new microwave for the cafeteria at a cost of $50. Michaelann Cavazos seconded. The motion passed by voice vote. 
  • Funding requests submitted included: 
    • Age-appropriate tables for Ms. Geyer’s kindergarten classroom, $1083.21 
    • Hot roll laminator, $1700 
    • Seasonal die-cuts, $80 per set 
  • Jessie Lawrence made a motion to table consideration of these funding requests until next month to allow time to get more information. Cindy Forno seconded. The motion passed by voice vote.
5) Teacher Stipends: Increase from $250 to $300 per semester 
  • Michaelann Cavazos noted that teachers need to submit receipts from last year to receive this year’s stipend. 
6) Budget Surplus Ideas: Cindy Forno 
  • Ideas discussed included: 
    • Speed bumps for front lot 
    • Green initiatives (e.g. solar panels, rain catchment system, etc.) 
    • Turf for playground 
    • $1000 for an elementary school in Santa Fe that’s struggling both financially and academically 
    • Tutoring 
    • Barney Saltzberg (children’s author and singer): $1800 plus airfare for three assemblies or two assemblies plus one workshop 
    • More trash cans on playground 
    •  Increased stipend for Bernadette 
    • Improvements to outdoor classroom 
7) Blue Bunny Ice Cream Party 
  • Julie Walker will take the lead on organizing the ice cream party, tentatively scheduled after school on November 11 
8) Carnival Updates 
  • Santa Fe High JROTC has offered to provide 20 cadets as volunteers 
  • Santa Fe High Key Club has offered to provide volunteers 
  • Sponsorships are currently at $3400 
  • Steve Carillo will be a costume contest judge 
  • Orbit will be a costume contest judge 
  • Cash raffle ticket sales will begin September 30 
  • Carnival entry ticket sales will begin the first week of October 
  • Construction day will be Sunday, October 23, from 10 AM – 2 PM 
9) Grade Level Programs
  • Kinder: Yoga (30 sessions per class at $30/session = $1800) 
  • 1st: Jazz Dance with Jennifer Stennis Chapman (28 sessions per class at $30/session = $1680) 
  • 2nd: Theater with Wendy Chapin (20 1-hour sessions per class = $2400) 
  • 3rd: Adobe Building with Joe Abeyta ($2000 for 25-30 weeks) 
  • 4th: NDI 
  • 5th: Wise Fool New Mexico (9 sessions at $350/session = $3150) 
  • 6th: Cooking with Kids
Next meetings:
  • Carnival meeting October 5 8 AM 
  • Carnival meeting October 19 8 AM 
  • PTK/Carnival meeting October 26 8 AM
Jessie Lawrence,
Oct 12, 2016, 4:23 PM