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Carnival Success!

posted Nov 3, 2017, 7:29 AM by Jessie Lawrence
Thank you to all who worked so hard and came out to support the school. It was the students, parents, teachers and staff at Carlos Gilbert that made this event a huge success! 

We surpassed our fundraising goal of $30,000 and made a record-breaking net profit of over $34,000! Cash raffle ticket sales alone netted over $13,000 this year... a new record!   


Photo Booth
We have the digital copies of all photos taken in the photo booth during Carnival. Anyone who took a photo in the photo booth, please contact Cindy with the following info:

1) Would you like to receive a digital copy of your photo?
2) Would you like your photo posted in our school's yearbook?


Top Cash Raffle Ticket Selling Classes
We will be throwing parties for the top TWO selling classes on each floor for Cash Raffle.

1st Place: Mrs. Sabatino's class
2nd Place: Mrs. Wheelers class

1st Place: Mrs. Pong's/Mrs. Cross's class
2nd Place: Mrs. Biree

Downstairs was a super close race: 260 tickets were all that separated the highest selling class and the lowest selling class. 

Top Individual Cash Raffle Ticket Sellers
1- Brooke Forno (Sabatino)
2- Kaileylyn Ruiz (Biree)
2- Delainey Ruiz (Pong/Cross)
3- Rowynn Bargsten (Jamison)

Winners of the Cash Raffle Prizes
1st Place:  Anonymous. Donating winnings back to the school! Ticket sold by Nick and Tessa Chapman. 
2nd Place: Diana Haake. Ticket sold by Evan Medell-Abrams.
3rd Place: Brintha Nathan. Ticket sold by Navin Gnanakaran.


Theme Basket Winners
We made a record-breaking net profit of over $5600 in Theme Baskets this year! Theme basket winners:

Toys - #63 Yvonne Villescas
Taste of Santa Fe - #138 Suzanne Odom
Disneyland - Isaiah Gonzales
Sportstastic! - Martha Mendoza 
Destination DIY - #48 Joann Chappell
Reading is Fun - #1 Erika Benson
The Great Outdoors - #190 Leo Segovia
Pet Lovers - #178 Audrey Lucero
Spa Day - #179 Marilu Herrera
Winter Wonderland - Brintha Nathan 
Movie Night - #90 Chris Cavazos
Wine & Coffee - #162 Susan Bienvenu
Staycation - #175 Steve Kellam


Carnival Ticket Sales
Ticket sales overall were up this year by about $1700.