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Education Technology Note Ballot Vote

posted Feb 6, 2019, 3:52 PM by Jessie Lawrence

An education technology note (ETN) is a legislative funding vehicle that allows public schools to use local tax dollars to fund District technology initiatives. Your money stays in the community, shared with both public and charter schools. The 2019 Ed Tech Note (ETN) uses tax dollars to fund District technology initiatives for all public schools, including charters. The ETN supports computer literacy for all students.

Taxes will NOT increase. This is just a renewal of the 2016 ETN. This is Santa Fe's FIRST EVER Mail-In Vote. Ballots will be mailed to all registered voters on Feb 5. Ballots are due in the Santa Fe County Clerk's Office on March 5 (by 7 pm) and can be delivered to the Santa Fe County Clerk's Office.

ALL SFPS 7th - 12th-grade students are provided a take-home laptop to enhance learning. 86% of SFPS students feel their classroom technology has prepared them better for their future. Santa Fe was designated a TechHire region (2016) and joined a national cohort of cities mobilizing the Tech economy. Without ETN funding, SFPS and the charters will lose $11 million dollars per year; students will lose valuable classroom services, and educational staff positions will be in jeopardy. For more information visit