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Library ebooks - Read them for free!

posted Sep 12, 2012, 7:35 PM by Darcy Pedersen   [ updated Oct 1, 2012, 4:41 PM ]

Update: 10/1/12 

      Because of some access difficulties students had with the E-book site, the trial period has been extended to November 15! We encourage students to access the True Flix and Groer Encyclopedia on-line. Your input is needed to help us assess if this is a program should be licensed for the entire school year. Other sites will be made available soon as well. Go to and use the log-in groliergo and password wind and and use the log-in truflix and password wind to learn more.

Hey Parents,

Carlos Gilbert Library is exploring the use e-books and other electronic media sources for student reading and learning. Unlike Kindle and Noodle which many of you are familiar with, this services is accessible from any pc with internet connection, including school and home. We will have access to three e-books websites for a limited trial period, ending September 30.

The three websites are TrueFlix,  a site for non-fiction reading material, including books about the science, weather, animals and the human body, FreedomFlix offering social studies including immigration, world history and the American story and Grolier Encyopedia and Reference Works, a comprehensive resource and reference source. You and your child can access the site using the following passwords and logins provided below until September 30.

Please encourage your child to visit the site and spend some time on it yourself. We want to learn your assessment of it and if it’s a tool that should be continued and  licensed for use at our school during the school year.


Dominic Mandel

Carlos Gilbert Librarian

Access our ebook Trials!


USER NAME:        trflix                

PASSWORD:     summer  

FreedomFlix offering social studies content to support Common Core Standards

User ID:  freedomflix

Password:   sunny


Grolier Encyopedia and Reference Works.

Username:   groliergo

Password:    summer