How to get your raffle rockin'

Carlos Gilbertians! Here are the links you need to get started on the annual Halloween Carnival cash raffle.

You're going to need THIS LINK RIGHT HERE. Keep it open in another tab.

Then watch this handy video to find your student's raffle page. That is the link you'll share! Below is a sample email to share.

Sample email for students/families to copy and paste to send to family and friends. 

Hi {FirstName} {LastName}, I'm participating in a raffle to raise money for {OrganizationName}, and I would love your help! Please visit my fundraising page to learn more about our cause and how to support our efforts:

  • {copy and paste your fundraising page link here}

I would also really appreciate it if you would spread the word among your friends by sharing my link above. Thanks again!  (First Name)(Last Name)

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