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Back INTO School with Principal Pietrocci (3/26 letter)

Dear Carlos Gilbert Families,

We are very excited to welcome your children back to school on Tuesday, April 6! If you have questions after reading through this important information, please contact me or your classroom teacher. Please pay particular attention to the drop off and pick up section. This is the area that we will need your help with on a daily basis to keep us all safe.

Classrooms Opening on April 6

All of our classrooms will be opening on April 6. If your child's teacher is not available to begin on April 6, district staff or substitute teachers will fill in until staff who are fully vaccinated return to school, no later than April 19.

New Weekly Schedule

Beginning the week of April 6th, we will have a new weekly schedule: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday school begins at 7:50 am and ends at 2:50 pm, and on Wednesdays school begins at 7:50 am and ends at 12:30 pm. Our tardy bell will ring at 8 am.

Drop Off and Pick Up

Drop off is from 7:40-7:50 am. Students will go directly to their classroom unless they need to eat breakfast in the cafeteria (if they will be eating breakfast they should arrive at 7:40). For everyone’s safety, parents will not be allowed to walk their child into the building, so please remain at your vehicle for drop off.

For dismissal, also please stay in your vehicle in the parent pick up line, and we will send the student to you. It would be helpful if you could write your child’s first and last name and grade on a piece of paper, and as you approach we will be able to call the student via two way radio more quickly. We will have the students waiting in different designated areas at dismissal to ensure social distancing. Thank you in advance for your patience and help keeping everyone safe. Students are allowed to walk or bike to school if their parents have given them permission.

Daily Essentials for Students

  • Backpacks: Backpacks will be needed for all of the items that the students will need to transport from home to school and back home daily.

  • All students must bring their fully charged iPad or Chromebook along with the charger every day. Please label both of these items.

  • Sweaters and/or Jackets: please check the weather daily to ensure that your child has warm clothing for outdoor recess and lunch. If it is not raining or snowing heavily, we plan to be outside during recess and lunch.

  • Two approved face masks. Bandanas and Gators are not allowed.

  • Water Bottle: Our water fountains will remain off, but our water bottle dispensers are turned on. Please label the water bottle.

  • Workbooks, pencils, notebooks, white boards and any other learning materials your teacher asks the student to bring

  • Healthy snacks


Most classes will eat outside, some classes will eat in the cafeteria at designated socially distanced spots and facing one direction. If the weather does not allow for outside eating, we may need to eat in the classroom and separate students as much as possible. Students may pick up lunch in the cafeteria or bring their own lunches. Breakfast and lunch are free for all SFPS students at this time. Students will have 25 minutes to eat and 15 minutes for recess.

Lunch Schedule:

  • Kinder, 1st- 11:05-11:45

  • 2nd, 3rd- 11:35-12:15

  • 4th, 5th, 6th- 12:05-12:45

Safety Protocols

  • Masks are required unless students are eating or drinking. If a student's mask breaks or becomes soiled, teachers have extra masks in their classrooms to provide to students.

  • Students will be washing or sanitizing their hands throughout the day.

  • Parents, family members, and visitors are not allowed in the building. If you need to pick up your child early please call the front office at 505-467-4703, and we will bring your child outside to you.

  • Please screen for any signs of illness and check your child’s temperature before sending them to school every day. If your child has any signs of illness (even mild symptoms) please keep your child home to learn remotely, and contact the nurse’s office at 505-467-4705.

  • Air purifiers have been installed in every classroom.

  • Classes will be separated from other classes as much as possible as well as during recess and lunch periods.

  • Signage is posted on the floors and hallways reminding students to maintain social distancing.

  • Restrooms have dividers between the sinks.

  • Non-essential furniture has been removed from classrooms to maximize the distance between students' desks.

  • Desk spacing will vary depending on classroom size and student enrollment.

After Care

Aftercare services will not be available this quarter due to staffing constraints.

Remote Schedule

If your child is remaining in remote learning, your child’s teacher will send you their schedule as it may change due to the change in our schedule for full re-entry.

We appreciate all of the support you have provided during this memorable year. We are very grateful to be able to open our doors and welcome our children back to school!


Kim Pietrocci, CG Principal

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