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Gifted Nomination Process for 2020-2021 School Year

DEADLINE --> Friday, November 20th

This year, our school and SFPS rely even more on parents and families to identify students who can possibly benefit from gifted programs. The nomination process takes some time and thought.

How does it work? The short answer is that you'll download some documents ("nomination tools") and watch a video, then complete the documents and upload them. The video talks about how to use the documents - like what terminology means and what to look for in your student.

For example, you'll learn that this nomination process and tools is based on the Frasier Traits Aptitudes and Behaviors or TABS.

Step #1 - Open the nomination tools in your browser. Make a copy for yourself (see image) and keep that tab open. You'll want to refer to these while you watch the video.

  • Comparative - another gifted student is used as reference.

  • Dynamic - parent or educator implements gifted education strategies.

  • Illustrative - when the behaviors are self-evidently exceptional.

  • Normative - the nominator has an age or grade-typical student for comparison. 

Step #2 - Keep those documents open. Watch this video. It is about 25 minutes long. It helps explain the process of actually conducting the observations and nomination documents. The slides are available too.

Questions? Please email Geoffrey Moon at

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