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Safe, Clear Crosswalks

What if arrival and dismissal at school were among the best parts of the day? A lofty goal, right? Well, yes. So! Until that day comes (and it's all of our jobs to make it possible) - let's start with this being the SAFEST part of the day.

#1 forever: Patience and care. And our reminder for today - Clear Crosswalks

Remember! Crosswalks are for people, not cars.

  • Stop your vehicle before a crosswalk.

  • Proceed through a crosswalk when there is enough room on the other side for your vehicle to clear the crosswalk.

  • See pedestrians safely cross.

Unsure where those crosswalks are? See the yellow marks on map below. Some are at intersections and some are school crosswalks and a couple are school driveways. This is where our beloved and amazing Carlos Gilbert Elementary students are walking. Keeping them clear assists in the kids' safe passage and the orderly progress of traffic.

Thank you!

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