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Scary Story Writing Contest Rules 2023

All are invited to tell a tale that will make us jump, our skin crawl, and our bones chill.

  • Children in every class, from kindergarten to sixth, are encouraged to write a story that will make us shiver. One, two, or three authors are permitted. No more.

  • The short story, poem or essay must be no less than five sentences and no more than five pages. This does not include drawings.

  • The writing must be original, by a young human. No parents, no plagiarism, and no AI generated stories. Those who break this rule will suffer a curse. If you are in kindergarten, the parents may transcribe the wee ones story telling.

  • A panel of monsters, villains, witches, and the spirited sort will review each submission for originality, quality (grammar, sentence structure, and clarity), and fear factor (degree of haunting, suspense, and scariness.)

  • Stories must be submitted by email as a pdf document or a photo of written pages (okay for parents to help the young human here) by midnight Wednesday, October 25th 2023 to:


Late submissions will be left to rot in the graveyard.

Winners will be announced at the Halloween Carnival on October 28th 2023.

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