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Themed Gift Baskets 2023


themed gift baskets from 2018

One of the ways the PTK raises money for the students and teachers is by raffling off gigantic gift baskets. Each basket has a theme like "LEGO" or "Great Outdoors" or "Taste of Santa Fe". Some gift baskets have been worth thousands of dollars!


Each classroom is collecting items and donations to build their own gift baskets. Your donation can make a big difference in our raffle. Help us brew up some raffle magic by contributing to your classroom's basket. $20 goes a long way. Contact your room rep to make a donation.


Here's the list of gift basket themes by classroom:



Drysdale · Sports & Fitness

Ms. Lisa · Santa Fe Art

Sabatino · Family Day in Santa Fe always a favorite!


1st Grade

Ms. Molly · Locally Made

Stark · Movie Night


2nd Grade

Cross · Taste of Santa Fe

Peterson · LEGO


3rd Grade

Quintana · Kitchen and Cooking

Hanlin · Family Game Night


4th Grade

Grogan · Arts & Crafts

Owens · Great Outdoors


5th Grade

Blaser · Nintendo Switch

Eschenbacher · Barbie

Phillips · Explore Asia


6th Grade

Cherry · Wine and Coffee (no alcohol on campus)

Garcia · Self-Care


Each of these baskets will be raffled off on October 28 at the Halloween Carnival.

Which basket do you want to carry home?

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